RocketPot General Terms of Service

TOS v0.1 edited June 31 2018

1 Terms and Conditions (T&C)

1.1 These T&C apply to the use of the (RocketPot, Website) by You, the Player.

1.2 These T&C are an agreement between RocketPot and You.

1.3 These T&C are applied when you click 'I Accept Terms And Conditions' and register. By registering, you ackonwledge to RocketPot that you have read and accepted the T&C and that you are at least 18 years old. Using any part of the Website after logging in signifies that you agree to the T&C.

1.4 You must read these T&C before registering and clicking on the 'I Accept Terms And Conditions' checkbox. Not agreeing with these T&C at any time makes it prohibited to use RocketPot.

1.5 You understand and agree that RocketPot has may modify and/or amend there T&C at any time.

2 Eligibility to Use RocketPot

2.1 You may use RocketPot only if:

2.2 You are at least 18 years old or have reached any higher minimum legal age if required in the jurisdiction where You are residing; and

2.3 It is legal for You to use RocketPot in accordance to the laws in Your jurisdiction of residence.

2.4 It is Your responsibility to make sure that You don't breach any laws applicable to You by using RocketPot.

3 Registration and Handling of Your RocketPot Account

3.1.1 In order place any wagers on RocketPot, you must register and open an account.

3.1.2 You must truthfully enter all required information during the registration, most importantly a valid and functioning email where you can be reached; Entering an invalid email address will make it impossible to recover any forgotten password and withdraw functionality will be permanently locked. This also applies if you register through Google, Facebook or any such third party login/authentification service. It is Your responsibility to make sure that the information used at the time of registration is true, correct and complete.

3.1.3 During registration, You will choose Your email and password for Your RocketPot Avvount. It is Your responsibility to keep your login details secret. RocketPot is not responsible for misuse of Your Account by third parties if you have disclosed Your information, whether accidental or intentional, whether passive or active, of your login details to a third party.

3.1.4 RocketPot may to refuse to let you register a new User Account or may close close Your Account. In such a case, all virtual funds in Your Account will be sent back to You.

3.1.5 It is technically impossible to to stop deposits to specific crypto-currency addresses, and it is therefore impossible for us to limit user deposits. If you want to ban your account or IP number from RocketPot, please contact us at


3.2.1 You can close Your Account by emailing RocketPot will return any account balance minus withdrawal fees, using a method of RocketPot's choice.

3.2.2 RocketPot may choose to close Your Account and refund the account balance, minus withdrawal fees, at any time and withour providing a reason.

3.3 Deposits Into Your Account

3.3.1 RocketPot may credit a player's account with a 'bonus'. Bonus conditions are set out on the bonus page from time to time.

3.3.2 Deposits into your Account are made by transfering Bitcoin from your personal wallet to your Personal Deposit Address.

3.3.3 Deposited amounts are made available on Your Account after one blockkchain confirmation of the transaction.

3.3.4 We may use implement procedures to confirm your identity when before deposits are credited into your Account.

3.3.5 If requested to send us documents, it's Your responsibility to send us documents that are genuine. Any faked or misleading documents may result in confiscation of any deposits or winnings.

3.4 Withdrawals From Your Acccount

3.4.1 If Your Account is erroneously credited with winnings, the amount will deducted from your Account. If the balance was already withdrawn prior to us noticing the error, the amount will be owed by you to us. If Your Account is erroneously credited, you have to let us know immediately by sending an email to

3.4.2 RocketPot may carry out arbitrary verification procedures before sending out pay-outs. This verification may include asking for photo copies of a player's ID, passport, and reuqiring the customer to sign a message for an address that an early deposit was made from.

4 Your Obligations

4.1 By using RocketPot, You warrant that:

4.1.1 You use RocketPot on your own behalf and using Your one and only RocketPot account;

4.1.2 You are at least 18 years of age or have reached any higher minimum age if required in the jurisdiction where You are residing; and

4.1.3 You use RocketPot non-professionally for recreational reasons only;

4.1.4 You understand that by using RocketPot, You risk losing any crypto-currency deposited into Your Account;

4.1.5 You understand that crypto-currency exchange rate can vary dramatically over time depending on current market value. If the exchange rate to EUR changes, Your Account's EUR balance will also change.

4.1.6 You are responsible for declaring any taxes that apply to You for any winnings from RocketPot;

4.2 Rude and/or obscene chat messages in RocketPot's chat system or in Your Account name are not allowed.

4.3 If a bet is completed or a payment is made by RocketPot in error, RocketPot reserves the right to cancel or correct bets containing the error by re-settling all the bets at the correct spreads/terms/prices time of the bet.

4.4 If You become aware of errors in RocketPot, You agree to not take advantage of them. You also agree to report any errors immediately to the RocketPot support. We usually reward such reports with a bounty. If You fail to report such errors, RocketPot has the right to compensation of any costs related to any error(s).

4.5 If a game round is started but is later miscarried, RocketPot will refund the bet amount to the User Account.

4.6 may limit or reject wagers. You are not alllowed to bet an amount greater than Your Account balance. Wins are credited to the user's personal Account.

4.7 Criminal charges will be filed against any person(s) who has manipulated or attempted to manipulate the system. RocketPot reserves the right to retain deposits if suspicion of manipulation of the system.

4.8 We may require additional verification if we are suspecting that transactions are in any way fraudalent.

4.9 reserves the right to void in full or partially any wager, would we deem that any of the circumstances liste below have occurred:

4.9.1 You and or any person associated with you are directly or indirectly avoiding the rules of,

4.9.2 You, or any person or persons associated with you may directly or indirectly influence the outcome of an event, to obtain an unlawful advantage,

4.9.3 Bets have been placed that should not have been accepted if RocketPot was not having technical problems,

4.9.4 The result of an event has been directly or indirectly affected by criminal activity,

4.9.6 Due to any kind of error, such as a mistake, typo, misprint, force majeure, technical error or any other reason, wagers have been erroneously accepted and/or placed due to this or any other error.

5 Complaints

5.1 Complaints should be made by contacting our support via email to

5.2 If the outcome of a wager is disputed, you agree that the server logs are the final authority when determining the validity of any claim.

5.3 If there's a disagreement between the result seen on your screen and the game server logs, results on the game server will prevail. You agree that server records are the final authority determining any wager's outcome.

5.4 When we wish to contact you regarding such a dispute, we will do so by using your email supplied.


6.1. You are allowed to have only one Account. If you attempt to open more than one User Account, RocketPot may block or suspended all Your User Accounts and any balance credited to your accounts will be frozen.

6.2. If you find out that you have more than one User Account you must email and notify us immediately at If you don't notify us we might block Your Account.

6.3. You must inform us by email to as soon as you see any errors in Your Account regarding any bet you have placed. We may rollback any bets with any such an error.

6.4. You must enter a valid email address and all mandatory fields during registration. Failure to supply a valid email address will render withdrawals and recovery of your passwords impossible. It's Your responsibility make sure that the information provided during registration is correct, true and complete.

6.5. We may carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and Your Account may be temporarily blocked or closed if RocketPot determine that information you have supplied is misleading or false.

6.7. During registration, you have to choose an email, a username and password for Your Account. The username may not be offensive or disruptive. It's Your responsibility to make sure that Your login details are kept secret, securely, and are not disclosed to anyone. RocketPot are not responsible or liable for any misuse of Your Account due to Your disclosure.

7. General Betting Rules

7.1. Bets may only be placed over the internet.

7.2. Bets may only be placed by a properly registered account holder.

7.3. Bets may only be placed if you have sufficient balance in Your Account.

7.4. Any payout of a winning bet consists of the stake multiplied by the odds at which the bet was placed/cashed out and is then credited to your account.

7.5. Any bets will be governed by the version of the T&Cs that was available at the time of the bet being accepted.

7.6. RocketPot may adjust any bet payout to a RocketPot account if it is later determined by RocketPot that the payout has derived from an error.

7.7. A bet that has been accepted and placed cannot be withdrawn, amended or cancelled by you.

7.8. The list of all Your bets, their details and status are available for you to view on the Website.

7.9. When placing a bet, you acknowledge that you have understood and read in full all of these T&Cs.

7.10. RocketPot manages Your User Account, calculates the pending funds, the available funds, the amount of winnings and the betting funds. Unless later proven erroneous, these amounts are are deemed to be accurate and considered as final.

7.11. You are fully responsible bets placed.

7.12. When a game round's final result is confirmed, winnings are paid into Your Account.

8. Miscarried and aborted games

8.1. RocketPot is not liable for any lag, server disruptions, downtime or any technical disturbance to the game. Refunds may be given out solely at the discretion of RocketPot management.

8.2. RocketPot shall accept no liability for damages or losses that are deemed to or are alleged to have arisen in connection with RocketPot; including without limitation, interruptions or delays in transmission or operation, corruption or loss of data, any person's misuse of RocketPot, communication failure or any errors in the website content.

8.3. If there is a system malfunction all wagers and bonuses are void.

9. Bonuses and Promotions

9.1. RocketPot reserves the right to cancel any promotion, bonus or bonus program if we have reason to believe that the bonus is being abused os has been set up incorrectly. If said bonus has already been paid out, we may decline withdrawal request and deduct the bonus amount from Your Account. RocketPot determines if a bonus is deemed to have be set up incorrectly.

9.2. All RocketPot offers are for recreational only players and RocketPot may limit the eligibility of any customers to participate in any promotions.

9.3. If any term of the promotion or bonus offer is breached or there is any evidence of a series of deposits or bets placed by a customer or group of customers, enhanced payments, which due to a deposit bonus, free or risk free bets results in profits irrespective of the outcome, whether as part of a group individually or individually, RocketPot may reclaim the bonus at their absolute discretion, void any bet funded in any part by the bonus or void the bonus and risk free bets. RocketPot reserves the right to charge the User Account up to the value of the bonus, risk free bet or free bet bonus to make up for administrative costs. RocketPot may ask any User to provide documentation to be satisfied in absolute discretion as to the User's identity before crediting any bonus, free or risk free bet or offer to the User's account balance.

9.4. RocketPot may amend, reclaim, refuse or cancel any promotion at at any time at its own discretion.

9.5. You acknowledge and understand that separate T&Cs exist with respect to special offers, bonuses and promotions, and these are applicable in addition to these T&Cs. These T&Cs are set forth in the content pages of RocketPot, or have been emailed to you personally. If there is a conflict between the RocketPot General Terms of Service provisions of such bonuses and promotions, the provisions of such bonuses and promotions will prevail.

9.6. Bonuses can only be used once per person, User Account, household, family, email address, address and IP addresses. RocketPot close Your Account and confiscate any existing balance if any evidence of abuse or fraud is found.

9.7. Bonuses and promotions may be subject to withdrawal restrictions and/or additional requirements. Bonus terms will be published as part of the promotion. If you make a withdrawal before any wagering requirements are fulfilled, the full bonus amount and any winnings from the use of the bonus will be deducted from Your Account.

10. Live Chat

10.1. Your use of the chat facility should be only for recreational and socialising purposes. We may provide you with a live chat facility that is moderated by us. We may review the chat and will keep a record of all statements and messages made on the facility.

10.2. We have the right to remove the chat room functionality or immediately terminate your Account and refund your account balance if you:

(a) make any statements or comments that are grossly offensive or sexually explicit, including expressions of racism, bigotry, profanity or hatred;

(b) make statements or messages that are defamatorym insulting or abusive;

(c) use the chat facility to promote, advertise or otherwise mention other competing online entities;

(d) make statements about RocketPot that are malicious and/or untrue and/or damaging to RocketPot;

(e) user the chat facility to collude, engage in unlawful conduct or encourage conduct we deem seriously inappropriate.

10.3. Live Chat is used as a form of communication between us and you and should not be copied or shared with any forums or third parties.

11. Limitation of Liability

11.1. The game and website are provided without warranty. You use the and participate in the game at your own risk.

11.2. We, our employees, directors and partners:

11.2.1. Shall not be liable for any expenses, loss, costs or damages arising from using the RocketPot Website.

11.2.2. Don't warrant that the Website and software will be accessible without interruptions

11.2.3. Don't warrant that the Website and software are free from errors;

11.2.4. Don't warrant that the RocketPot Website and software are fit for their purpose;

11.3. You acknowledge that if there is an error in the Game, any bets made during such malfunctions shall be void. Funds or winnings obtained from a malfunction of the service, and any subsequent bets with said funds shall be voided.

11.4. You agree to hold harmless us, our employees, directors, service providers and partners for any expense, cost, loss, claims, damages and liabilities that may arise from using the Website.

11.5. To the extent permitted by law, RocketPot's maximum liability in connection with Your use of the Website will not exceed €100.

12 Termination, Penalties and Breaches

12.1 If You breach these T&C or if RocketPot suspects that You have, may close Your Account and withhold any winnings and retain any balance in Your Account as a fee.

12.2 You acknowledge that RocketPot shall be the decision-maker ultimately deciding if you have violated RocketPot’s rules or T&C in a way that results in closing your account or barring you from RocketPot.

13 Intellectual Property Rights

13.1 The website design, graphics, text, sound, music, video, other material and source code on are subject proprietary rights and copyright which are owned by us.

14 Inactive/Dormant Accounts

14.1 If no wager or transaction has been processed in your account at RocketPot for twenty-four (24) months, Your Account is considered dormant. We will contact you regarding withdrawal any balance in Your Account. If we are unable to reach you, RocketPot will retain the balance as a fee.

15. Applicable Juristictionand Law

15.1 Before using RocketPot, you must read the T&Cs carefully. Using any part of the RocketPot website confirms consent with these T&C.