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RocketPot, a Bitcoin game

RocketPot is a multiplayer Bitcoin game where you watch your winnings increase logarithmically over time. The longer you HODL, the faster your wagered Bitcoins grow. But the pot can crash to nothing at any time!

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How to play?

Deposit some coins and place a bet. Watch the multiplier increase faster and faster from ×1 towards to moon! Cash out at any time to collect a profit. The longer you wait, the higher the profit. But it can crash at any time, leaving you with nothing!

What makes RocketPot better than other Bitcoin games?

A Bitcoin Game With Chances to Win Big Jackpots!

The game features 3 independent jackpots: Mini, Major, and Mega. Any bet that is placed is competing for the Jackpots, regardless of if the bet was cashed out before the jackpot requirement was met or if the multiplier crashed before the bet was cashed out. When all bets are placed for a round, each Jackpot (Mini Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Mega Jackpot) are increased with 1% of the total wagered amount. Each jackpot has a seed value: €1 for Mini, €5 for Major and €100 for Mega.

The Jackpot Bonus Game is triggered when multiplier reaches 50× for the Mini Jackpot, 250× for the Major Jackpot and 1,000× for the Mega Jackpot. Only one Jackpot can be triggered per round. Any Jackpot wins will be added to player's account together with any win from the round that triggered it at the end of a Jackpot Bonus Game.

The winner of a jackpot round is choosen randomly from the list of round participants. The chance to become a winner is proportional to player's round win, or, for crashed players, to their bet amount. In case there were no participants in the Jackpot round the Jackpot is not paid. When a Jackpot Bonus Game winner is chosen, a Bonus Wheel appears.

The Bonus Wheel is divided into sectors with different prizes. Each sector of the wheel has the same probability to be awarded. One of the sectors is a full Jackpot amount, others are smaller amounts depending on the current jackpot size.

  • Mini Jackpot Bonus Wheel is divided into 8 sectors - Full jackpot, €30 or smaller not yet decided amounts;
  • Major Jackpot Bonus Wheel is divided into 12 sectors - Full jackpot, €30 or smaller not yet decided amounts;
  • Mega Jackpot Bonus Wheel is divided into 18 sectors - Full jackpot, €30 or smaller not yet decided amounts.

After jackpot prizes are paid, jackpots are re-seeded if required. In case the percentage prize for Jackpot Bonus game is lower than the jackpot seed value it should be increased up to the seed value. 90% of Jackpot Bonus Game win is paid to the single winner, the rest 10% are distributed equally between other players.

When there's only one player that participates in a round leading to a jackpot, he's paid 100% of the jackpot.

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Low House Edge - Get More Bang for Your Bitcoin!

The base Return To Player (RTP) is 96% plus 1% for each one of the 3 Jackpots. Depending on the average total wager volume per round, the House Edge is between 0.8% and 1% for €10-100 total wagers. If the total wager volume is less than €5 per round, the BTC game pays out more than is wagered!

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Be the Bankroll - Next Level of Bitcoin HODLing

Like many of the best bitcoin games, RocketPot lets you “invest” in order to be part of the RocketPot bankroll. You can bet on the possibility that the bankroll will grow from all bets, and this is a bet that makes you win Bitcoins in the long run. All bankroll bets that players have placed are summed up to a total amount that is used as the House's bankroll. Your bankroll bet is affected according to your percentage of the total bankroll. If players win, the bankroll shrinks and if players lose, the bankroll grows.

Be the Bankroll
Social & Real Time - HODL Together When Times Get Rough!

You can chat with other players and if there's a Jackpot, everyone that placed a bet has a chance to win! You can also find players on winning streaks and automatically use their betting strategy to join the ride.

Social and Real Time Game

Provably Fair

The game round results of RocketPot can be proven as fair. You can read all the technical details of this in this Bitcointalk thread.

Provably Fair

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